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Hi! 👋 My name is Collin and I build things on the web. I am a full stack web developer, web designer, and discord bot developer! I’m passionate about my work and love the projects I develop. I'm experienced in technologies such as Next JS, React, Node JS, Express JS, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and much more!

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My Work

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A tool that simplifies moderation for Roblox communities! As the founder and lead developer of Melonly, I manage the development and growth of the product. Melonly is built using Node JS, TypeScript, Next JS, Express JS, and several other technologies.


URL Shortener

A simple web app that maps URLs on the hosted domain to a URL the user specifies. This can be used to shorten URLs if hosted on a shorter domain.


Greater Toronto Roleplay Systems

At Greater Toronto Roleplay, I've developed several systems such as a discord bot and roster systems. These systems help moderators review applications, track activity, and much more.

Discord Chats

A Discord Bot that brings email conversations to Discord! Provide email credentials, link a discord channel, and you’re done! Use the bot to view and reply to mail.